OCTOVOLT//Eurorack Modules for Audio and Video



  • Voltage memory / presets
  • Sequencer
  • Controller
  • Sample-and-hold
  • Track-and-hold
  • Static voltage sampler
  • Random voltage generator
  • 8 Outputs: 12-bit CV or gates, 0v to +5v by default
  • Clockable

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Recollections: DIY Kit ($199)

pre-orders only

Recollections is a voltage memory module, capable of recording, saving and recalling up to 32,768 voltages. It may be used as a sequencer, a controller, a sample-and-hold, a track-and-hold, a static voltage sampler or a random voltage generator all at the same time. Outputs may be configured to be gates or control voltage. All 8 output channels produce their stored voltages whenever one of the 16 presets is selected.

The 16 presets comprise a bank, and 16 banks may be recalled instantly from the module's internal memory. Further, the 16 banks comprise a "module" and 16 modules may be recalled from the micro SD card.

While offering extensive functionality for its size, Recollections is rooted in a simple and intuitive user interface based on color. Various "screens" are represented on the 16 illuminated elastomer keys, and navigation is quickly achieved with not more than two layers of hierarchy extending from a central navigational screen.

Voltages are sampled and recalled from memory as 12-bit values, offering a granularity of 4096 voltage levels. By default, Recollections produces unipolar voltages between 0v and +5v.

However, with the optional Voltage Range Backpack Board, the output range may be scaled to be bipolar, or any range between -10v to +10v, including the 0v to +1v range more appropriate for video systems.

DIY Purchasing Options

For those people who wish to build Recollections, the DIY kit is especially recommended over the panel/PCB sets.

In addition to all the other parts required, the DIY kit includes a pre-flashed Raspberry Pi Pico, the pre-soldered PCB for the 16 illuminated keys, the elastomer pad, the plastic spacer for the keys, the small 1.6M mounting screws, the micro SD card socket, the MOD button, and a Davies 1900h knob. Ordering all of these from various suppliers will incur shipping charges and hassles that make the kit worthwhile.

The panel/PCB sets only include the front panel, the user interface board, the main board and the plastic spacer for the keys. All other parts must be sourced.



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