OCTOVOLT//Eurorack Modules for Audio and Video


Octovolt is a microbusiness owned and operated in the San Francisco Bay Area by a single person, namely myself, Bill Fisher. At the moment, Octovolt is producing Eurorack synthesizer modules for both audio and video. In the future, Octovolt might do a lot more things. I am also a musician, an artist, a software engineer and a beer lover, so there are quite a few directions this could take.

I started Octovolt to share the synth modules I was building for myself. I use all the modules I design in my own music and video art. I hope they are as useful to others as they are to me.

Open Hardware and Open Source

All of the modules will eventually be open hardware and open source under a "viral" public license, so if you choose to clone or draw quite heavily upon the Octovolt modules in your own designs, you would also agree to publish your work as open hardware / open source under the same license.

I also request that folks do not simply clone my work and then directly compete with me in the global marketplace, even though I have no way of ensuring this. If you want to sell modules based on Octovolt modules, there should be some kind of new value added in your version: smaller hp, or a new CV input, for example. In addition to the educational aspect, I believe it is the true spirit of open hardware to foster innovation and further development. I would also love to see what you have done to innovate upon and extend my designs, so please contact me if you are interested in doing this.

But of course if you want to clone the modules simply for your own personal use, this is totally okay with me and aligned with the license.

Octovolt on GitHub

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